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Checkups & Cleanings in Thunder Bay

A little bit of care now will save you a lot of headaches later.

A healthy smile requires more than daily brushing and flossing. Making sure to schedule regular appointments is key to ensuring a healthy and happy smile. An appointment with a Redwood Dental hygienists will help prevent gum disease, tooth decay, and maintain your oral health. Whether you are young or old, your teeth are natural or you have dentures, booking a regular cleaning will allow one-on-one time with our team of highly trained dental hygienists to keep you feeling healthy, happy, and confident in your smile.

How Cleanings Help Boost your Overall Health

At Redwood Dental, we recommend having your teeth cleaned at least twice a year (every 6 months) for adequate oral hygiene. Teeth cleaning is an essential dental hygiene that involves removing that dental plaque that forms in everyone’s mouths as a result of the bacteria created by the foods we eat. Scheduling your regular cleaning will allow time with a dental hygienist to remove the plaque from your teeth to keep your oral and overall health up to date. If you suffer from more serious dental problems you may be advised to schedule checkup appointments more frequently.

Redwood Dental Centre - Thunder Bay

It Brightens Your Smile

There is no better way to brighten your smile than to have your teeth cleaned by a dentist. Over time, your teeth become stained by certain foods and drinks like your regular morning coffee or that enjoyable glass of red wine. Dental Cleanings, are designed to remove those built-up stains and leave you feeling fresh and ready to show off your smile.

Redwood Dental Centre - Thunder Bay

Cavities are prevented

When plaque is built-up on your teeth it can eat away at your tooth enamel causing tooth decay and cavities. Scheduling regular appointments can prevent these issues as well as catch any other issues that may be occurring – like gum disease. Together with daily brushing and flossing dental cleanings are designed to keep your oral health in tip-top shape.

Redwood Dental Centre - Thunder Bay

Your Overall Health is boosted

There is a strong correlation between your overall health and your oral health. Keeping your teeth clean lowers your risk of certain diseases like diabetes and heart disease. Plus, with our up-to-date medical technology, we are able to diagnose oral conditions and diseases and are able to provide in-clinic oral cancer screening tests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following your dental cleanings, you can expect clean teeth, fresh breath, and an attractive smile. Dental cleanings are painless and typically take less than 45 minutes. During your cleanings, our team will remove plaque, clean and polish your teeth, and remove the bacteria that are either on or between your teeth. At the end of the appointment, you will feel fresh and ready to tackle the day with a smile.

We suggest having your teeth cleaned at least twice a year (once every 6 months) for adequate oral hygiene. That being said, if you have more severe oral health issues we may need to see you more frequently. Book your first cleaning and let us examine your oral health in order to provide you with your ideal dental cleaning schedule.

Daily brushing and flossing is the most important step you can take in maintaining your oral health. You should be brushing twice a day and making sure to floss at least daily. Plus, keep away from sugary and starchy foods that can stick to your teeth and create plaque build-up ultimately leading to cavities.

Scheduling regular dental cleanings will allow our team of dental hygienists and dentists to examine the state of your oral health while removing any plaque build ups that can progress into cavities. Plus, your cleaning and checkup appointments allow your dentist the time to spot critical health conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

Depending on the work required for your dental cleaning the cost can vary. Please feel free to contact one of our highly knowledgable team members to discuss further.

Most insurance plans cover bi-annual dental checkups. Talk with your insurance provider to confirm your scheduled dental appointments are covered and then head on in to achieve your best smile.