The bonding and white fillings process

With the latest and most up to date technology, we are able to provide a filling that looks natural and will match the colour of your teeth. Plus, with the advancement in dental technology, bonding and fillings typically last for over 10 years. This solution is safe, affordable, and attractive, and takes just one appointment.

Step 1: Fill the tooth

Step 1: Fill the tooth

Before filling cavities, we will numb your teeth, gums and surrounding skin to avoid any discomfort during the procedure. Next, a composite resin will be used on the affected tooth. It will be moulded and sculpted over an adhesive gel that is placed on the tooth to restore the function and beauty of your smile.

Step 2: Dry the tooth

Step 2: Dry the tooth

After the resin has been applied and LED light is used to harden the resin, which is then polished to give you a fresh new smile.

Question and Answers

With daily brushing, flossing and your regularly scheduled dental appointments your dental bonding can last for over 10 years.

Absolutely! Composite resin is safe and effective and will ensure a healthier and happier smile. We use composite resin in all of our dental fillings and it is an effective and healthy material that will help restore your damaged or decayed teeth.

It is advised to take top care of your smile and oral health. You are to care for your filling the same way you would care for your natural teeth. We suggest, daily brushing, flossing, scheduling your regular appointments and controlling your intake of sugary foods to avoid any more dental fillings.

Thanks to white fillings, dental fillings are now unnoticeable, unlike the previous unsightly silver amalgam fillings. The only thing people might notice is your brighter, healthier, and happier smile.

The cost depends on the complexity of the situation. After your consultation, we will be able to provide you with a quote that will highlight the work that needs to be done depending on your situation.

You must talk with your insurance provider to establish if your dental fillings can be covered. We will work to provide you with a quote to be submitted to your insurance provider.

What Our Patients Are Saying

Caitlin C.

“Had a great experience with the dental office! Great front desk staff and great dentist I felt no pain or discomfort I actually could have fallen asleep in the chair….. they always checked to see if I was ok and made me feel welcome. Everyone is friendly and it was a wonderful experience for someone who doesn’t enjoy going to a dentist….it was clean and comfy inside. I’ll definitely go back to see Dr. Najjar.”