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Scheduling routine checkups and cleanings is key to preventing gum disease and tooth decay. To avoid unexpected dental pain and costs, it's recommended to arrange these appointments every 6 to 8 months.
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Take Care Of Your Teeth And Gums

Regular dental cleanings and checkups are vital for maintaining overall oral health, encompassing not only your teeth but also your gums and the entire mouth, both inside and out. Cleanings eliminate plaque, tartar, and bacteria that lead to decay, gum disease, and persistent bad breath. A hygienist can clean areas that are hard to reach with everyday brushing and flossing at home. These comprehensive cleanings and examinations provide the hygienist and dentist with an ideal chance to track your oral health and identify issues that can be addressed or prevented early, thus averting potential pain and costly treatments.

Plus, regular teeth cleaning can help your teeth look whiter and brighter naturally, without the need for bleaching treatments.

  • Eliminates plaque, a sticky substance containing bacteria that eats away your enamel.
  • Removes tartar build-up, plaque that has hardened and could lead to gum disease.
  • Gets rid of coffee, tea or other stains on your teeth.
  • Check for receding gums, chipped or broken teeth and other signs of disease and infection.

What Happens During A Teeth Cleaning?

Gum Health

Extremely crucial yet frequently overlooked, your gums not only support your teeth but also shape your smile. During the examination, we’ll meticulously inspect your tongue, gums, teeth, and all other areas of your mouth, with particular attention to the gum line. Our goal is to ensure your entire mouth is healthy, free from inflammation or signs of potential gum disease. And don’t worry, we’ll be understanding and not too stern regarding your flossing habits

Plaque & Tartar Removal

Plaque, a soft and sticky film, accumulates on your teeth over time. Without regular removal through diligent brushing, flossing, and professional cleaning, it can solidify into tartar. Tartar, typically darker, often accumulates in challenging-to-clean areas, like the gumline. A dental hygienist possesses the necessary tools and expertise to meticulously remove plaque and tartar from these hard-to-reach spots. Once that’s done, we can then polish your teeth to eliminate stains and give them a gleaming appearance

Dentist Exam

Following the cleaning, it’s the ideal moment for a dental examination. Your dentist will review your chart and x-rays, focusing on any areas of concern or troubling patterns. Based on their findings, they may suggest additional treatments or provide guidance on how to slow down or reverse tooth decay, inflammation, or gum disease. We’re also here to address any questions you might have, or to discuss any discomfort, sensitivity, or dental pain you’ve been experiencing.

Cost of Teeth Cleaning in Thunder Bay

Routine checkups and cleanings are such a great way to prevent and avoid dental problems that most insurance companies will nearly completely cover them on a routine basis. Usually every 6 months. If you are without dental insurance, you can expect to pay anywhere from $120 to $300 and up, especially if it’s your first visit or first cleaning in a long time.

    When we determine the actual cost of your treatment we refer to a few important factors:
  • Your current oral health.
  • Whether or not any new x-rays are required.
  • The amount of time required by the dental team to meet your specific needs.
  • The equipment and supplies that will be needed to serve all your needs.

These routine appointments are very important to us, as we see them as the most effective way to prevent more invasive treatments, prevent serious dental pain and keep you as happy and healthy as possible.

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Your consultation will include an examination of everything from your teeth, gums and soft tissues to the shape and condition of your bite. Generally, we want to see how your whole mouth looks and functions. Before we plan your treatment we want to know everything about the health and aesthetic of your smile, and, most importantly, what you want to achieve so we can help you get there.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our general recommendation is to schedule teeth cleanings and checkups every 6 months. However, based on individual needs, the dentist might suggest more frequent visits. Additionally, if there are insurance or cost considerations, we can arrange appointments at longer intervals as needed.

Act promptly! If you’re experiencing any pain or discomfort in your mouth, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately. While cleanings are an excellent chance for prevention, they’re not the only time to address issues. No matter how minor your problem may seem, let us know as soon as possible so we can address it before it escalates

Indeed, checkups encompass the entire mouth, including gums, tongue, bones, and more. Even if you wear dentures, it’s important for us to see you. We’ll check to make sure your dentures are in good condition and fit properly, and we’ll also examine the overall health of your mouth.

Most dental cleanings last between 30 minutes to an hour on average, and are performed in a lying position in a comfortable dental chair.

Opt for a tartar-control toothpaste that contains fluoride. Despite your best efforts with a toothbrush, dental floss remains essential for removing plaque between your teeth and preventing tartar buildup in those hard-to-reach areas. Additionally, make it a habit to rinse daily with an antiseptic mouthwash, which aids in eliminating bacteria responsible for plaque formation

With a regular dental cleaning, you can go ahead and eat after the cleaning, try to avoid food or drinks that are acidic or abrasive. However, if you received a fluoride treatment during your cleaning, you should wait at least 30 minutes before eating anything.

Continuing to brush and floss your teeth after they have been cleaned is the best way to maintain the work your dentist has done.

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